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If you are searching for unique and personalized children’s products, Hippo Blue is an ideal choice. Hippo Blue offers a wide variety of items including story books, name labels, stationery, personalized bags, wall decals, height charts and much more. With options like the Hippo Blue coupon code, you can order plenty of adorable, affordable items for your favorite girl or boy within a matter of moments.

Founded by Sam Dickson and Thin Neu, Hippo Blue is 100% Australian owned and strives to provide customers with innovative, memorable products for their children. The company recently met its milestone of 30,000 unique online orders, marking the beginning of a long line of success for a company that was originally created in a small garage.

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Pantry Packs - Save $10

Use the coupon code PANTRY at checkout to save $10 on all Pantry Packs on Hippo Blue.

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Up to 40% Off - Wall Stickers, Name Labels and Personalised Products

No promo code required. Visit the website for more discounts.

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Clothing and Toys - 10% Off

Visit www.hippoblue.com.au for a 10% off all clothing and toys. No coupon code needed.

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Free Shipping on all Name Label orders over $50

Free shipping for all Name Label orders of $50 or above at hippoblue.com.au just select the items and enjoy the free shipment offer without any discount code.

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Free Shipping on all orders over $100 or More

Offer is valid for all Name Labels, Personalized Bags, Story Book, Stationery, Wall Decals and Height Charts.

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About Hippo Blue Free Shipping


How Does Hippo Blue Promo Code Work?

If you want to use coupon codes when shopping with Hippo Blue, you need to register a free account on the website and be logged in to your account during the time of purchase with the coupIf you have successfully applied the coupon, you will see that this information is reflected in green text. In some circumstances, you will see that the coupon code is invalid; this occurs when the code is listed in red. In this instance, your code is either expired or has been denied because it did not meet the requirements for the discount. For example, the site currently offers a promotion for a Hippo Blue free shipping code. Coupon codes for Hippo Blue tend to vary. Sometimes you will be able to find them on the site, whereas other times, you will find them provided by other partners that support Hippo Blue products. If you want to ensure that you always redeem the best discounts, check frequently for updated coupon codes and promotions prior to making your purchases.


Does Hippo Blue Accept Returns?                                                                                                                                                            Due to the personalized nature of the items sold by Hippo Blue, many people often wonder if it is possible to return items. Hippo Blue is dedicated entirely to customer satisfaction and offers a 30-day grace period from the time you receive the item to determine if you want to return the item. When you return the item, you can choose if you want to have a full refund, request a replacement or even have a repair.

As mentioned, there is the potential to redeem a refund. If a refund has been agreed to, it will be available within the next business day from the agreed date. When refunds occur, they are deposited back into the account for whichever payment method you have used. Returns are handled on a case by case basis, and as such, decisions will vary regarding whether Hippo Blue or the customer will be responsible for the cost of the return.

Acknowledging the process of inspection, Hippo Blue also does not provide refunds or replacements for items that are damaged due to common wear and tear or use against instructions and will not accept returns for these items. Moreover, returns and refunds are not accepted in the situation that the customer has changed their mind regarding the product due to the nature of the personalization involved.


Shipping Policy  

Hippo Blue currently only provides shipping throughout the region of Australia at the moment. In the future, the company plans on providing shipments to international customers, although it is currently unknown of when this may occur. All Hippo Blue orders are dispatched from Melbourne, Victoria after the manufacturing process has been completed. When payment has been received and cleared for your order, Hippo Blue begins manufacturing the items that you have requested.


The cost of shipping your order will vary dependent upon the weight, size, and the type of package that is being sent. Letters and small parcels weigh up to 500g while heavy parcels weigh over 500g or come in significantly larger sizes. The prices for shipping items in packages of these sizes will vary, but keep in mind that you can also make use of a ave on the overall cost of your purchase, making shipping rates and purchases very affordable.