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No matter what you’re studying, there comes a time when you are going to need some textbooks. They can be very expensive, and for many students, this is one of the problems when it comes to studying a subject. With financial worries already getting in the way, it doesn’t make it any easier when you need to fork out extra money each year to buy the books you need. Without the books you’ll struggle, but you also need to save cash. Chegg is there to help students who want to rent or buy textbooks, and there is even a section on the website to sell your unwanted books. However, many customers wonder at first how the shipping works, so here’s everything you need to know.

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About Chegg Free Shipping

Shipping Guarantee

You’re in a rush to get those books you need, and thankfully, Chegg understands just how stressful that can be. When you’ve paid for the shipping and you have seen the expected date of arrival, you expect your books to arrive on or before that date.

If you haven’t received your books by the date given on your order confirmation, contact Chegg immediately and they will refund your shipping costs or send you another book if it has gotten lost along the way.

Chegg Free Shipping

Chegg Free Shipping Codes

For students on a budget, getting Chegg free shipping can make a big difference, especially if this company is one which you use on a regular basis. You can often find deals and coupons being advertised on the website, but if there are not any available when you visit, try searching for a Chegg free shipping code online.

By using a Chegg coupon, you’ll be able to save some money when you rent or buy books, and it will all add up to make a bigger saving over the course of the year.

Rent or Buy?

The shipping cost will still be the same whether you rent or buy the book, and you can calculate the cost of shipping by adding the required books to your cart and then entering your address. Depending on your location, you will be given the shipping methods and costs which relate to your order.

In many cases, it’s not much more expensive to buy the books outright, which means you’ll own them until you decide you don’t want them anymore. When the time comes for the books to move on to new owners, you can use Chegg to resell them to somebody else who might need them!

Returning the Books

When you rent books, you’ll get a prepaid label from UPS which you should attach to the package. Chegg free return shipping makes the process as simple as possible for students and those using the textbooks, since it doesn’t involves extra shipping costs for you, the consumer.

You must ensure that your rented books are returned by the due date which you have been given. If you do not return the books by the due date, you will be liable to pay extra late fees.

If you have rented a book but you are not happy with the quality of the product, contact the Customer Service team and they will arrange for another copy to be sent out to you. However, you must return the original copy in order to get a second copy shipped to you.

If you have purchased a book and you’re not happy with it, you will need to return it to Chegg and a new one will be sent to you in its place.

Unless you have got Chegg free shipping label when you initially ordered, you won’t be refunded any shipping costs.