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Old School Meets New School Fashion

There is no denying that fashion has changed a lot over the years. We have seen so many styles come and go. Trying to keep up with the chaos that is the fashion world can be quite difficult. In a blink of an eye those sweet new pants you bought could be yesterday's news. Fear not! Hang onto those pants! If we have learned anything about trends, we know that most styles will be resurrected to see the light of day once again.  


Individuality is super important in today’s society, people are going to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the norm. Many subcultures have developed because of this, each one having their own set values and morals. While each subculture is different, they do approach fashion in a similar way. The best trends from our yesteryears are incorporated into their modern wardrobe.


There are so many subcultures at the moment. It would probably take the rest of this article to list them all and who has time for that? Especially when we have a super fun infographic to get to.   Hipster is the probably one of the most well known subcultures in the modern world. While  most people don’t actually follow the true definition of a hipster, they certainly get their sense of style from them. Hipsters make fantastic use of previous trends in their everyday looks. Some of the most popular items among hipsters are the hawaiian shirts, flannel shirts, overalls, suspenders, ripped jeans, fitted blazers and thick rimmed glasses. If we look into the past, we will see that all these styles were prevalent at some point in history.

Throwing out your old clothes might just be a terrible plan. Pack them away into storage for safekeeping. You never know when hipsters or other subcultures will decide that they are back in. Our look into fashion over the past 100 years will reveal just that, as we take a look at each decade and how we incorporate their most popular trends into 21st century fashion.


Jun 17, 2016