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We are giving away USD 25 gift card for the cutest pet

This week on Free Shipping Code, we are launching our very first contest. There will be more to come. We have lots more contests and giveaways planned for the future.

Right now

Got a pet to show off? A wonderful cat, an amazing dog or a slinky snake? Even a huge furry spider or an iguana? Now it's time to show your pet. Yes, even your slinky snake to the world. Our first competition is a pet competition and we are looking forward to seeing photos of all your furry and non- furry friends. Start looking out and send us the best pet photos now. 

The prize

We know that any pet is wonderful to keep, but keeping an animal can be hard on the purse strings, so we wanted to make our first prize something that was of benefit to both you and your pet. What better than giving you something so you can go to town treating them?

That's why we thought a $25 Target gift card would be perfect. You can buy a lot of pet treats with that. We know some animals have expensive tastes and with a bit extra to spend, you can really pamper them. 

How to enter

Entering the contest is easy. You probably already take pictures of your wonderful pet or pets if you have more than one. Upload the best one in the form below. If you really do have 8 different cats or a whole zoo in your back garden, it won't be so hard to choose! You can send a picture of them all (well, 8 of them, anyway) as long as they are in by the time mentioned below.

The winner

Once your photo is uploaded the fun begins, as it is the animal with the most votes who gets the prize. Get creative with getting votes. Let the world know about your wonderful pet. The more you share your picture the better chance you have of winning. You will have a ball sharing your pet on Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media you can think of. Blog about the dog or hedgehog, pin photos up in the supermarket, graffiti the walls or campaign alongside Donald Trump. Whatever it takes to be sure your beloved pet stands a chance of winning. 

The rules

There are only two rules -
1. You can't borrow your neighbors' pet. Don't sneak in and take a photo of next doors pet.
 Spend your winnings on your beloved pet. No buying playstations or mascara or whatever for you. There will be other contests where you can win things like that, giveaways too.

Oct 31, 2015