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OMG! Christmas Giveaway - Win USD 200 Target Gift Card

Would you like to receive a USD 200 Target gift card? Here is your chance to do that, just by following a few simple steps. Read the information below to find out how you can win a  USD 200 Target gift card.

OMG! Christmas Giveaway 2015 - Win USD 200 Target Gift Card

How can you enter the contest? 

To enter this contest, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps

1. Follow @nopayshipping from the widget at the end of the post.

2. Answer the question “What is your secret trick for making a great Christmas roast or Christmas pie?” 

Maybe you have a tip or trick that no one has heard of. Or something that people would find interesting and easy to do. You might just change their Christmas dinner with your tip! Some of the things people do to make their holiday dinners are amazing and something that you would never even think of. Which is why we want to hear from you! 

So not only will you be helping others out with your trick, but you could also win a Target gift card worth $200 USD! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

When does the contest end?

This contest will end on December 25, 11.59 PM. There is still so much time to enter this contest and share your holiday cooking tips with us!

How is the winner chosen?

The winner is actually chosen by one of our top bloggers from the USA. They will choose the tip that they like the best. So be sure to enter one you think is unique and something that is really amazing. 

What is the prize?

The prize is a Target gift card which is worth 200 USD! So you will be able to purchase a great amount of stuff from Target with this awesome prize. So be sure to submit something good!

What about everyone else, who do not win?

If you didn’t win, that’s not the end! You can still use our free Target free shipping codes, to insure that you never have to pay for the cost of shipping when purchasing items from So even if you don’t win, just think of all the money you will be saving by using our free shipping codes

You would be surprised by how much money you can save by using our free shipping codes. We offer free shipping codes for many other companies as well. So in the long run, you will be saving when you use our free shipping codes. 

So let us know what your trick is!

Good Luck!

OMG! Christmas Giveaway

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Nov 26, 2015


Eryn Grady 97 months, 29 days ago
I would love this prize for my husband!